Recommendation for Starting a Business in Bulgaria

Hello Community.
Anyone here has experience in starting a business in Bulgaria remotely as a foreigner? I’ve been looking into different options across different countries in EU, while Bulgaria got my attention. It seems easy and promising. Can anyone suggest any firm to help me to setup a business in Bulgaria from outside EU? I’m planning to start an IT business there.

I live in Bulgaria, but don’t have a specific recommendation for you though. Sorry. There is a very active Facebook group page for foreigners. It’s quick to join the group, and you’ll probably get lots of great suggestions if you ask for references. There is a large international coworking community here. and are both good and might also have recommendations for you. Also check out They might also have info.


Thank you very much @vividimpact. These help a lot. I’m checking these out.

Could you please give the link to the facebook group you mentioned about?

Right! That’s probably helpful. The group is called “Foreigners in Sofia & Friends,” Foreigners in Sofia & Friends | Facebook


Thank you very much @vividimpact.