LLC Delaware of non-resident; living in Bulgaria; business in EU/Asia. Where can I open business account remotely?

Hi guys! Newly founded LLC in Delaware. Sole owner. Non-resident of USA, living in Bulgaria, of Ukrainian citizenship. Doing business in EU and Asia. It is a pain to open a business bank account remotely nowdays. Will really be thankful for hints. Olha

Hello Olha, did you heard for TransferWise? If you got EIN from IRS for your Delaware LLC there will be no problem to open business account for EUR or USD. You will get European IBAN. Just follow the instructions on link bellow (link that I provided will be good for you to manage this operation with success) and you can open fully remotely 100%. Have a great business. Regards. Igor


You might try looking at this page as a start. The Best Business Bank Accounts To Open From Anywhere

Can I register my Transferwise Business account in the USA - I have a WY LLC with a local address. (Country of registration) I do not live in the USA. I am wondering what other questions will be asked after the initial Signup page.

Yes that shouldn’t be an issue.

They will likely ask for your EIN but if you don’t have they may still open the account in my experience.

Thanks Thomas - so FYI i chose USA as Country of Registration, added my Wyoming address, used 111111 for the EIN number as I will not be doing business in the USA and it was accepted. When it came to my personal information as the account administrator, I had to give them my country of residence address. All in all easy and very quick once they process the USD31. Cheers.

Did you have a look at Revolut Business?

I heard about Holvi and maybe it’s a good option for business account:

To open a business account in Europe I used Xolo, an estonian startup. I can send invoices and had an estonian OU number easily and free.