Maybe redundant but WHERE to reside and found a company?

Hi everyone,

it has been asked many times but we can maybe finally make peace.

Imagine being able to establish a company anywhere in the world and reside anywhere in the world, which is the best country that minimizes taxes?

I established my business in Albania, for software development companies corporate tax is 0% up to 100k € / year and 5% over 100k.
Personal taxes depend on the salary you pay yourself (and I pay myself the minimum) and it’s around 2k per year
Dividends will be taxed 8%.
So imagine if I made 200k. I’d pay 5k (for the 100k taxable part) and 2k for personal taxes. 1k for municipality tax. 200k - 5k - 2k - 1k = 192k
On this 192k, apply 8% if you want to take your money into your account = 16k
Total 192k - 16k = 176k

So I went from 200k to 176k which makes it 12% total. If you have anything better than this, please suggest. Would be nice a Country - % file. There you go!

Hey Gert,

My experience with incorporating in Romania has been summed up here.

For IT micro companies (limited to up to 3 employees), 3% corporate tax (1% if you have 1 person employed full-time, it can be you as well), 5% dividends.

Employment, even a part-time, entitles you to a health insurance (probably pension as well, but it would be negligible, so it doesn’t really matter), but if you don’t plan to live in Romania, you might skip this altogether.

Your IT background is relevant only if you’re employing yourself, otherwise I think it’s not.

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Hi @voyager and thank you for your response.
It looks cheaper than Albania and it’s a EU Country.

I’ll certainly give it a look. Do you have any source or contact I can get in touch to for exploring this possibility?

Thanks in advance, Gert

I asked my bookkeeper about it, I’ll DM you once I get a reply.
Ladies who registered my company, unfortunately, don’t speak any English.

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