The Ultimate Guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa

I may have missed the reply to this. I also need to know if children will also be eligible to apply for permanent residence and citizenship after the applicable time and language test?

Or is the permanent residency and citizenship only available to the investor and spouse?

I was told by a lawyer that with the new
Regulations for obtaining the Portuguese citizenship, you have to prove that you had effectively live in Portugal for the last 5 years; and therefore the criteria for the golden visa of staying an average of 7 days a year would not longer qualify. Any clarifications on that?

I have read that too but was told by portugal based lawyers that nobody has actually gotten the passport yet.

So far have you come across any successful cases of obtaining Portuguese citizenship through the Golden Visa Programme?

Thanks for explanation; my question is with regards to travel with the one year card to the UK, I want this for my parents. I am a UK citizen and if my parent get the residency card, can they travel to the UK with it and does it count as Article 10 residence card.

Also if they get the card, do they need visa or the card will do to travel to EU schengen countries.

Many thanks

Can you finance the purchase of the property other than say a 20% down? For the $350,000 property “with the execution of rehabilitation works,” does that mean it has already been remodeled or that it needs to be remodeled? If it needs work completed do they give you a deadline on when that work needs to be done? Thanks!

So, I have what might be a stupid question, but can’t find it addressed anywhere. When you say you can “Travel freely in the entire Schengen Area”. What does that exactly mean? Are there any travel restrictions when you have this visa? Like, can I go live in Austria for 8 months with no issue? Can I visit and live in any Schengen Area country for as long as I want as long as I hold this Golden Visa?

It looks like there is still the 90 days out of 180 restriction.

EDIT: I did confirm that the 90 days out of 180 restriction is in place even if you hold this visa for other countries in the Schengen Area. So, this Golden Visa would be great to create a long term base in Portugal and travel around the EU. So, for my purposes, I could retire to Portugal and mostly live there. They did say once you got Portuguese citizenship, then you could live and work anywhere in the EU.



John. Any update on getting your temporary residence card? How long did it end up taking?

Great article! In the article update it
Says you can invest in PEF private equity funds now. However you refer to the fact us citizens can’t due to factfa. I have tried to find more detail on this but coming up empty. Can you explain more?

Yes I finally got it after complaining to my lawyer. By magic, it was ready 2-3 days after, I paid the fee (5K EUR) and received the card a few days later.

So from August, 2018 (real estate investment, application for Golden Visa) to December 3, 2018 (biometrics) to September 2019 to receive the resident card.


Hi Kurt,

Who told you that / source? It is really not what I was told or read online. It looks like the "traditional Portuguese Visa (short or long term)… NOT the Golden Visa.

Source: Nomad Capitalist;

"But you won’t have to wait for citizenship to enjoy travel benefits. Your Golden Visa residence permit will grant you visa-free travel privileges within the Schengen Area and many other countries around the world.

Aside from granting you the right to live in Portugal and work toward citizenship, your Golden Visa residence will also allow you to legally work in the country. If you don’t want to spend much time in Portugal while you wait for citizenship, you are only required to spend an average of seven days per year there to maintain your residence. And, as a resident of an EU country, you have the right to live and work in any of the EU/EEA countries.

Portugal’s Golden Visa gives you unlimited access to the EU so, if your goal is to be able to live, do business and travel to the EU beyond the 90 or 180 days of visa -free access that you have on your current passport, a Portuguese residence permit may do the trick.

Also, technically it would be impossible for any other country in the Schengen Area to “track you down”. There is no borders. You can flight to France and stay there 6 months… then leave and go 3 months to Belgium by car.

Tracking flights and mobile numbers through satellites has only been used so far for criminal tracking.

As long as you flight in and out of the Schengen Area through Portugal, nobody will know where you were traveling in Europe during that year.

I’m confused. So does Portuguese residence give you the right to live and work anywhere in the EU or not? Or would that be “permanent” Portuguese residence? Perhaps you have to wait for actual citizenship which, from what I’ve read, has language requirements that everyone is ignoring? It can be somewhat challenging passing a citizenship language test if you spend less than a couple of weeks a year in Portugal.

You can travel freely. But you can’t officially move / register as a resident in Paris, as you have a visa from Portugal. As long as you don’t need to register as a resident it’s fine. If you get a full time job in Paris then that requires that you live there you will probably have to get another visa.
Also, officially you can’t stay in another country for more than 3 months as you would have to register as a resident. But if if you don’t need to register because of work then no one will know how long you’ve been there.

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Thanks. I get it now. Also I assume applying for work visas or residencies elsewhere in the EU would be less of a hassle if you do it from Portugal with your new permit.

12% return is very good - what Dutch fund is this? I would be interested in investing even without having any intention of getting a Dutch visa if it really delivers these returns!

Hi, with the 350 000 share option of 60% portugal companies is there a list of investments to look at?

Are there any managed fund type options with portugal companies in it?

Thanks for your help

There’s no such list unfortunately. You could start with the list of PE and VC funds regulated by CMVM (the Portuguese regulator). However, probably you’ll find that most of these either are not open for new subscriptions, or do not meet the criteria. If you do find any other than NEST & PT Co Innovation please let me know so I can update the article :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,
I am going to begin with the process of buying a property and apply for Golden Visa. Does anybody have a good lawyer to reccomend?


Thanks for sharing the info. I’m still chasing my lawyers who are so slow to respond probably because they can’t explain why it’s taking longer than expected. Fingers crossed I get it within 9 months.

If one is not going to move to Portugal immediately and say only in 10 years time does it not make more sense for my spouse and i to apply for GV and once citizenship is obtained, apply for citizenship for my children?