UK Apostille

I am about to submit some UK documents to be apostilled. The Legislation Office at the FCO is quoting up to three weeks for processing. I’m not sure whether this is just a conservative estimate for complex cases or whether fairly simple documents will be quicker. There are also a number of companies that offer intermediary apostille services. Does anyone have experience of this process and any recommendations? Thanks

With the caveat that I have not gone through this step myself yet, I would recommend using an intermediary as they would have access to the same-day ‘Premium’ service.
In my case I will be using my lawyer who claims to be one of such registered intermediaries.

That does seem the way to go. I’ll talk to a couple of them tomorrow. Thanks

To close this subject off, I engaged a Coventry-based apostille service and had everything done in four days - excellent service:

Monday morning: order placed, mailed documents to Coventry
Tuesday: they hand-delivered documents to the FCO office in Milton Keynes
Wednesday: they collected the apostilled documents and handed them to a courier
Thursday evening: courier delivered the apostilled documents to my home

Cost was £54 per document plus a courier charge of £10. That compares to the £30 per document fee if you send them directly to the Legislation Office, but the website quotes ‘up to 15 working days’.