US - Greece Tax & Employment

Hi! I am a US Citizen interested in moving to Greece. However, I am currently working for a US based company in a remote role, but I am classified as an employee. The US based company is US based only.

Is it even possible to move to Greece in this set up, or would I need to be a 1099 worker for tax purposes? Thus far, I haven’t found any viable options for a person in this situation.

I’ve tried to find a professional to talk with (and I will definitely be seeking professional help with the tax obligations if/when a move is made), but I haven’t had much luck in even determining if this is feasible.

In order to be employed permanently in any country, your company needs to be incorporated in that country. (AKA they need to create a company/payroll office there). (it’s not super complicated but its an investment in time and a bit of money)
The other solution would be to freelance. That would mean they pay you the gross / brutto amount and you’d be responsible for your own taxes , social security etc. (if you’re in a industry with high demand like IT etc and you make good hourly rates, maybe freelancing is actually more interesting than perm).

The 3rd solution would be for your company to hire you through an international payroll office / contract management company such as or but I haven’t worked with them so I can’t advise you.