Wait time now counts toward 5 year residency?

NOW you tell me. I could have had all that for the bargain price of a cannabis vape pen and a plane ticket.


I believe you may be confusing the application of the law which is definitely not a case-by-case in Portugal vs. decisions by a judge on individual lawsuit cases which is indeed case-by-case and does not rely on precedents (at least not directly).

I did make two assumptions: 1) that the regulations will be ambiguous enough to invite discrepancies in application (by its terms, I think the law only requires wait time to be “considered,” and 2) that disputing any resulting unfavorable applications will have to be done by resorting to a court process.

But in practice it is for things like processing times. The law stipulates reasonable processing times for the GV process, but the only way to enforce it is paying for a lawsuit, which is just buying a lottery ticket to maybe enforce the law (your judge might say no). Luckily since there’s no concept of precedent you can just keep buying lottery tickets (lawsuits) until one wins (you get a judge that says yes).

It’s effectively a pay-to-play lottery based legal system.


The most surprising part is that more and more people are coming even knowing beforehand that legal system is pay-to-play based :rofl:
If things are much better out there, I wonder why immigrations (both from portuguese speaking countries and non-portuguese speaking countries) in Portugal are not decreasing at all. In fact it is the opposite!

When you close the sluice gate the water backs up.

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…and then there is
“The years starts whenever the person doing the 5 year calculation when they review your application”