What should I be getting from my attorney for GV process?

My attorney in Lisbon is not the most communicative. Our initial applications were submitted by her in March 2023 (me) and April 2023 (wife, daughter). We’ve gotten very little by way of confirmation or evidence. I see people talk about “DUC payment receipt”, and the “pre-approval email” acknowledgement. What specific evidence/document should I ask her for? (What is DUC?)
We’ve been relying on the attorney for this entire process and feel pretty confident with her, if a little in the dark. She has been very helpful with our property purchase and helping with our remodel contract, as well as getting our Alojamento Locale license. So, I’m not too worried. Just would like a little more transparency in the middle of this process. What should I be asking her for? Thanks!

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DUC is what is issued when your application is finally approved and you make the payment for issuance of your card.

I don’t think your experience is vastly different than mine. My firm does send me receipts/proof of payment, filing, etc. but otherwise communication is pretty sparse. I think because these firms (mostly) do this process for a fixed fee there’s no incentive to over do things. I can only imagine they get so many emails requesting status that you would think it could cut down on that (and be a great service) just to give an update now and again.

Your attorney should be able to give you proof that your application was submitted and I would ask to have copies of official transmittals (to or from AIMA) and receipts sent to you.

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Ask your attorney for the DUC payment receipt and the pre-approval email acknowledgment. It’ll give you more clarity on the residency progress. Keep it cool, you’ve got this!

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It would probably cost less, but also probably not result in better service Because Portugal, to simply pay hourly. OK so they let me do all the paperwork gathering, now im paying them how many grand to have a legal assistant type it into the SEF website? And they want the same for renewals even tho it requires another hour of their effort?

Its a great gig for them. Tons of money, low effort.