Why banks ask for amount of deposit, amount of transaction, amount of money in/out monthly and annually?


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Why banks ask for amount of deposit, amount of transaction, amount of money in/out monthly and annually, when I’m opening an account(in some banks)?
Do putting large monthly or annually money in/out can help me gain more attraction of banks to keep me, or make me mare big shot for reporting to local tax office in vision of banks? I mean, whats the prospective of banks for asking this? and how it will affect my reporting profile to local tax authority?
Can putting large amount of income or monthly or annually in/out of money, make registration process more difficult, as they may ask for lot of additional documents, while less amount can help me pass easier?
could you explain all above also related matter to this question?
could you give me some idea in particular that what is these named in general? and how trick make me stealth from them?


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Hi, those questions are just asked as part of anti money-laundering efforts. I’m not sure if your answers are reported to anyone. What you put here won’t make a bank more likely to take you on as a client, it’s purely for AML reasons. Just answer truthfully.

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If someone put she is millioners and have few millioners by someone only put 100k or 200k, how can affect your profile with bank and how they watching you if you have more money claim to have or take it easy with you ? :grinning::joy:
Why they ask your previous job if you are retired or current job if you are employed
by company? Also is self employed how make your profile different in the vision of bank with
Someone else that who may be self-employed?
Which one make your profile less flag up if your transactions looks suspicious? :sunglasses::yum:

How bank can verify your proof of address if it’s bank statement from any other bank is provided to another bank? Do regulations allow new bank account application bank to verify your proof of address from another bank?
Do providing previous emplyee’s website or current employee’s website address to bank who I’m trying to open new bank account, will make my case for bank more complicated and special or make it smooth to pass the banks checks easier?
How banks will/may request to verify my source of funds as they asked the source of funds in application process of bank. So can they try to verify my source of funds or this s not possible? I mean if I send a bank statement for showing the new bank my source of funds, can they allowed by regulations to contact with my bank who send me statement, to verify my figures in statement or accuracy of any transaction in the bank statement?

May please anyone honestly and kindly tell me what they know about theses?

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