Will GV application be approved if we make a minimum investment and the developer shortly thereafter pays us for future yields?

I am seeing several of the developers offering 280k investment opportunities where they will promptly (15-30 days, or in some cases 12 months) pay the investor back for 5 years of yield on the investment.

Has anyone been approved (and issued initial visa) after receiving this type of ‘advanced yield payment’?

Feels risky that visa application could be denied since minimum investment didn’t stay in the country for the required 5 year term.

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I do not see any issue with it, but I would check with my lawyer if you are concerned. I imagine it matters how the deal is structured and whether they can get the money back in any circumstances.

It’s a prepay of income, on which you will pay tax. The government gets a nice big cut. But the capital investment remains the same so it’s fine.

Assuming they don’t fudge the numbers. If they sell you a EUR 160k property for EUR 280k and then give you “early profits” (actually just returning your overpayment) of EUR 120k, that’s just fraudulently trying to qualify for the EUR 280k GV for cheaper, and SEF could rightly deny it.

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Thanks everyone. Appreciate all your input. :stuck_out_tongue:

my contract was 292000 euros and after 20 days they paid 3 % of 5 years rent
my lawyer( portugees )arranged this contract
i dont think they can reject it and this is usaal
i be worrid after reading your quastion :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

As others have said, it is probably fine but you should note that a similar scheme caused several investors in other countries to lose their citizenship. I think it was one of the Carribean CBI programs.

Edit: link to article Grenada: Buyers of Illegally Discounted CBI Real Estate Could Lose Citizenship - IMI - Investment Migration Insider

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That’s why I said I think it is important how it’s structured. For example, if it’s a security deposit of 1/2 of each months rent for the 5 years and then the rest is paid in monthly installments as rent, that would be less of a concern for me. But that’s why having your lawyer look at it is so important. They will know whether it is above board or not.