14 days stay as per Requirement of GV . flying via Germany from India

I need advice i am planning to visit Lisbon for 14 days as per Requirement of GV . We planning to fly via Germany from India due to this we will not get entry stump in Lisbon. How can we proof our 14 days stay in Portugal . Please advice .Sorry if we have already have this topic .Thanks for help and advice

Others had this query before: 14-Day Requirements: Proofs and the consensus seemed to be that accommodation receipts, daily purchases (using your NIF in the purchase receipt), or withdrawals from an ATM were useful as proof of entry and stay within the country. You might want to keep your plane ticket (and the boarding passes from Germany to Lisbon) as additional proof.

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Actually any evidence of your stay may help:

  • collect bills/checks during your stay;
  • get invoice/check for rented apartments/hotel;
  • get mobile operator statement for the period of your stay;
  • bank statement confirming transactions made on Portugal territory;
  • ticket from Germany to Portugal;

We haven’t reached that stage yet but I intend to definitely hold on to -

  • plane tickets
  • boarding passes
  • hotel/accommodation receipts
  • bank statements showing transactions & ATM withdrawals in Portugal - on this point I intend to use the debit card of my Portuguese bank account exclusively for stays in Portugal, so that Portuguese transactions are all in one place and not scattered amongst the normal everyday transactions in my home country. Will make life easier when it comes to presenting such proof.

I believe you can ask the immigration officer to stamp your passport - I’m not entirely sure but worth a try, especially if it’s a non-EU country passport.


I just scan boarding passes and charege one thing every day with NIF for each of us. Seems to work.

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Thanks everyone for advice . Its very help full

If this is for your Initial biometric appointment, then they will just ask for your physical boarding passes.
I too flew Lufthansa and kept the boarding passes from Bombay to Munich and then Munich to Lisbon.
Hope that helps

Boarding passes, accommodation receipts and NIF. The check your passport at evey hotel and airbnb in LT. The NIF thing is kind of BS. They are trying to get business to stop accepting cash and not reporting income so they track purchases this way.

I thought the nif and raffle thing with it was pretty good for a way to help prevent tax dodgers

thanks everyone for advice and clearing all my doubts . I have booked my ticket .As flying via Dubai direct to Portugal is 30% more expansive

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