5 years of residency?

Good day everyone.
How are they going to measure the 5 years of residency required to apply for citizenship? and the corresponding 1 week of time in Portugal for each period? Will they count the period between the residency cards when dealing with citizenship applications?

There is an existing thread for this: SEF Document Proving 5 Years Residency for Citizenship. You will eventually need a letter from SEF called a โ€˜contagem do tempoโ€™ and it is important in order to cover the periods where your card was invalid.


The clock starts ticking from the moment that you become an official resident of Portugal (when you receive your first golden visa permit/cards). So 5 years from that date. Note that the citizenship process takes around one year. So with the current golden visa timeline (12-18 months) you are looking at least a 7-year pathway to citizenship from the moment that you make your investment.

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