Required time in portugal - Golden visa

I have just received my first card residency card. It is valid from may 2020 to may 2022. Do I need to spend 7 days in the first year, before may 2021 or just 14 days before I reapply before may 2022.


When did you apply for residency and which investment did you avail

Hi Andrew,

you just need to spend an average of 7 days per year along the validity time span of your residency card. For instance, 14 days within the first 2 years of validity and 21 days within the 3 years of the renovation validity.
You can decide to do 7 days per year or 14 days whenever you want during the 2 years.
Please rembember that it is very important to collect documentation proving your effective permanence (e.g. air travel tickets, hotel and restaurant receipts, etc.)

Hello, if I want to include dependents in the golden visa, do they also have to spend the average 7 days per year, or is it just the primary investor?