GV Stay Requirements for Family Members still 7-14-14 days or 183 days?


My case is a family of three, me with mom (60 age) and dad (62 age).

I will be the main applicant/investor. I am interested to join the golden visa program and bring my family together.

1-) I concern about the length of stay required for the family members. Do the family members require to stay 7days-14days-14days within 5 years and renew the resident’s card together with me in Portugal? I mean that I need to stay 7days-14days-14days within 5 years.

However, my mom and dad need to stay at least 183 days/365 days each year for 5 years (183 days,183 days,183 days,183 days,183 days) or my mom and dad need to stay like me (7days-14days-14days within 5 years). Which one is true?

2-) Also, my mom and dad are retired and have no income, but I live in a different place house even in a different country, so we don’t live in the same house right now. But, I work, earn and send money for their spending. Is it a problem for me to add them under my Golden Visa application? Can they get GV under my application?

Thank you.

Regarding your first question, the family members have the same length-of-stay requirements as the main applicant (7-14-14).

Regarding your second question, I don’t know the requirements for adding your parents as family members. Hopefully, a Portuguese lawyer on this thread will be able to answer your question.

Good luck!

Thank you for your prompt response. Hope someone answer my 2nd question as well.

To answer your 2nd question - yes, there is no problem adding your parents to your GV application. It does not matter where they live, but please note you will need to collect:

  1. Your own birth cert issued (or rather re-issued) in the last 12 months and apostilled/translated/notarized.
  2. For each parent their criminal check certificate from BOTH their country of nationality and country of residence (if different countries). (Obviously also apostilled etc.)
    The rest is a standard list you will find on the SEF website.

Thank you so much, it clears my all doubts.

You’re welcome.
I just noticed you mentioned your parents’ age is below 65 so you will need to prove their economic dependency on you:

  • Comprovativo da situação de dependĂŞncia econĂłmica, no caso de ascendente em primeiro grau de idade inferior a 65 anos

We recently had our Biometrics Appointment and our lawyer told us that the stay requirements have changed and are now 14 days in the first 2 years, and no longer 7 days in the first year. The lawyer stated this was due to the first residency card now being valid for 2 years instead of one.

I have not found anything official to confirm this though.

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When I started this whole process I was assured by SEF (when their offices were open years ago and they were actually answering emails) that my severely handicapped 66 year old brother would be eligible to join me (the main applicant) as a dependent. I am his legal guardian. I gathered all the paperwork together but was told by the company doing my GV that there was nowhere on the website portal to put a brother as a dependent…only parents or children, thus they could not submit my brother´s paperwork. Subsequently, I talked to another lawyer who said that the people handling my GV should have been able to submit the application. As I do not have access to the portal, I don’t know what the truth is. Can anyone who has access to the portal and to their application tell me if there is anywhere on the portal to make an application for anyone who is not a parent or a child? Thanks

Here is a print screen with all the options in the drop-down box for family members additions to the main candidate:

Looks like it is possible…

Thank you very much for sending this. I am completely confused as to why the people doing my GV told me that there was nowhere on the portal to submit for a brother. Does anyone know if the portal has changed significantly from 6 months ago when things at SEF weren’t working at all?

The portal has not changed. I have taken this screen shot yesterday, but the same options were available a year ago when I was applying.

Your lawyer/immigration agency is probably either unwilling (due to extra work) or unable (due to extra complexity) to accommodate your request - that is my supposition.

Good luck!

Thanks, the info you’ve given me is much appreciated.