Most recent GV Staying requirements

I have done the biometric in Apr this year and waiting for the first permit (hopefully by end of year).

I know this topic is somehow described in the forum but I still see at least three versions which still confuses me…

  1. 7-14-14
  2. 14-14-7
  3. 14-14-14

My understanding is that if the initial permit has 2-year validity, it means the Option 2/3 is the requirement. And if the 3rd permit is a Temporary Permit (2 year), then it will actually require 14 days (Option 3) to complete by 6th year.

Another question, is the 3rd permit a Temporary Permit (2 year) or Permanent Permit (5 year)? If I aim to apply for the citizenship after 5th year, how many days should I stay on 5th year (and 6th year if I haven’t got the citizenship yet)?

I will appreciate if someone who just got the permit recently can share their insight on this, thank you.

Plus, clarity on is this calendar year vs other.

IE if you were granted the permit in (say) April23, does that mean that year 1 is Jan23-Dec23, or Apr23-Mar24?

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Hello Kevin, it is 14-14-7 - > apply for a Permanent Residency (Regular/Golden) → Apply for the citizenship along with the PR (6-24 months case-by case basis)… If you choose the Regular residency then you need to stay 180+ days per year, if you choose a GV PR, then you need to pay a lot of money… So, no matter what they win

The current version of the Regulations (Dec Reg 84/2007 of 05/11 amended by Dec Reg 4/2022, of 30/09) talks about 7 days in the first year, 14 days in subsequent two year periods. This language is carried through into the draft law which is due to be promulgated soon.

But as you say, cards are now issued with initial two year validity. So I think some people here make sure they actually spend at least 7 days in year 1, as well as 14 in the first two. Others say their lawyers have advised that’s not necessary, and that 14 days across the first two years is fine, and that people do get renewed on that basis.