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(Tom Bland) #2

Good afternoon Thomas. Firstly thank you for your recent update and extensive article on β€˜The Ultimate Guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa’. I noted in the article that you list some companies (Real Estate Brokers) that you would recommend people contact. I run the Johannesburg Office for a Global Real Estate Investment firm called IP Global. We purely concentrate on helping clients Diversify their Investment Portrfolio’s by giving them access to Direct Residential Investment Opportunities in Tier One Safe Haven Countries. We have been going for 14 years (our Head Office is in Hong Kong and we have a further 12 offices around the world) our clients have Invested through our various developments that we underwrite close to $3 Billion in 32 different markets. Please have a look at the website for full details. We are close to finalising a couple of Developments in Lisbon, this being a new market for us. We have spent the last 6 months doing our Due Diligence and Research as we will always approach every development with the focus being on the Investment. It is obviously beneficial that there is a Golden Visa opportunity. As such are you able to point me in the right direction as to who I can approach, if not you, and what would be required in order to make it onto your list and whether there is anyway we can market our offerings or services on this website? Apologies for the rather long winded message. I very much look forward to receiving your reply.