Abu Dhabi (UAE) residency

You have probably all heard by now that in the Emirates, there is no corporate tax income tax, no personal income tax, local VAT is only 5% … and you certainly didn’t know this:

Do you know that you can now register your company in Abu Dhabi (LLC registered in Abu Dhabi /(this isnt offshore or Free Zone company, its a classic regular company), to get an ID card and gain the Residency status (it is renewed every year) of the United Arab Emirate for a significant smaller amount, compared to other EU programs such as Portugal. To reduce in a completely legal way, your tax expenses that you need to pay to Western government.

If you decide to register your company in Abu Dhabi, and to get full Residency in Abu Dhabi, send me a message here and do not hesitate. The possibilities are limitless.

Have a great business :wink: