Accountant/Advisor Recommendations (or not recommended) for Portugal

Hi there!

This forum has been really helpful. I have Canadian and Portuguese citizenship and I’m looking at ways to move to Portugal early next year. I’ve been reading a lot about the NHR and simplified tax regimes, while also job hunting for a remote job (alas, I cannot take my current work abroad with me). And just want to consider how different employment types will be considered under the different tax schemes, the benefits (if any?) of being paid into my account in Canada, impact of buying a property there in the future, etc.

I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for accountants or tax advisors (who charge a reasonable, but not an exorbitant fee for my middle-class income) who have some knowledge of both tax systems, or in general, someone who has worked with international clients in similar situations?

Likewise, if folks have thoughts on who to steer clear from, that’d be helpful to know in narrowing down the search.


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