Activobank not taking non EU/UK customers

I just got off the phone with the activobank representative, and out of the activobank branch in Saldanha. Seems like they don’t let you open an account without a Portuguese citizens card or UK/eu passport any more. I’m a us citizen so obviously that excludes me

Frustrating but whatever, anyone have any recommendations on what accounts to try next? Mostly want a debit card and low fees

I was told by staff at Activobank last year that one needs a residence permit to open an account with them.

Edit: uploaded screenshot from ActivoBank site the document requirements for account opening:

When I looked into this five or six years ago, ActivoBank and BancoCTT were generally the ones most frequently recommended for low fees.

Not sure if the latter would accept non-residents.

I was thinking about stopping in at a branch and asking, but I caught a cold so I’m waiting for that to blow over. I’ll report back whatever I find

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Yes the information is correct. They are not opening non resident accounts, I wasn’t mindful about if UK or EU non residents are allowed to open
Just visited them on Thursday

Which branch office was this? I read in this forum that sometimes it depends on the branch and who you were talking with in the branch. It’s so arbitrary. If this is true, then there’d be no point for someone who still lives outside of PT to travel to PT just to open a bank account with Activobank.

It was the branch inside Saldanha mall.

When you go to take the token that’s when you select questionnaire and the system doesn’t let you take a token, and then I asked the desk people they said the same.