Additional Investments beyond 350K Euro

Has anyone invested more than the minimum 350K Euro? The Portuguese real estate market seems poised for a larger gain than the US Equity market.

Depends what you include in the ‘gain’, purely appreciation or that plus rental income.
I was recently looking into possible additional investment into a rental property.
Does not seem like the best option comparing to some other markets when calculating the ratio between the purchase price and the monthly rent.

However, I only looked at a particular region of PT, not the whole market or the hottest spots.

Besides with the new government proposals I’d rather wait for them to become the law and then reassess the situation.
I am particularly concerned about the proposed government ‘support’ for non-paying tenants.


My assessment of Portuguese real estate, at least in the Lisbon area, is that it’s a bad deal

First, tenant protections and low rents make it a bad place to be a landlord. The fact that you can’t easily Airbnb it either kills any real income from use of the property

For the actual cost of the property and that going up or not, first I feel bad making money that way, but also it sounds like the government is working on both making it worse to be a landlord, and making it easier to build. The latter is great, more housing for people and cheaper prices, but obviously punishing landlords sucks

Put your money elsewhere imo. I like vtsax


Round trip transaction costs in Portugal for RE are very high as well. That plus tenant protections sets the bar too high for me, so still at the minimum.

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I did but I’m doing private equity. So far looks great.
I liked the RE market there for niche deals but still too many management and local knowledge issues.

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