Algarve bank accounts for a retired UK expat

Hi, I have searched seemingly everywhere for the answer to my situation which I thought would be simple. I am in the process of selling my UK home. Once I have completed the sale, I want to move to temporary accommodation (hotel or short term rental) in Algarve, while looking to purchase a permanent residence. My question is, how do I get bank account without employment ( I am now retired), or without a permanent address anywhere? Can anyone help?

Hi. Maybe you can open a Revolut account whilst in the UK. You can have a GBP and EURO account working on the same debit card and you can set up direct debits. Let them know your new address when you move and you then have the advantage of a GBP account you can have payments made to and a Euro account for local EU needs.
I’ve been using Revolut since they started without problems and I’m about to move to Portugal.
Hope this helps.