So I am looking for a bank account and card without a genuine physical address

I am English currently live in Russia and about to move on to Dubai then possibly Asia. I have an independent income in the UK and I am looking to set up an IBC with associated Bank account. I have an ‘address’ in the UK which is a family members. Other than that I just am where I am at any one time.

I use Monzo in the UK as my bank and have a Revolut card for my travels. Both of which are fantastic (to be open I am a very, very minor shareholder in both companies).

I have looked at Belize with help from this site.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to an easy way to get a foreign account and cards in my situation?

OK so already I think I may have made this thread redundant as I have read elsewhere here that I can use my Wise account. I am trying to set that up now with regards a card.

I opened an account with Standard Chartered Bank in Nathan Road a few years ago. They have Integrated accounts where you have one account number with multiple currencies, FX trading online. Good for international foreign currency transfers.