Best Starling Bank Alternative

Hey Guys!

I recently was successful in registering my business in the UK, as a non-resident. A UK LLP.

I’m now looking for the best banks to use. I know Wise is good, but it’s not real from what I see. I heard Staling gave real bank accounts though. So I went ahead and applied to Starling and they got back to me saying they need to see a UK residency permit. Bummer as I am not a UK resident. So pretty much I can strike them off the list.

I am seeking advice from anyone who has experience with opening bank accounts. What is a great Starling bank alternative that you’d recommend? Preferably one that offers real bank accounts like Starling without needing to go into the bank itself. I mean, if you do have other recommendations then feel free to let me know those too.

Pretty much I’m looking for an institution that I can use to manage the business’ funds at the lowest costs possible.

I look forward to your responses.

I think you will struggle to find a bank to open your bank account without being a UK resident.
British banks are notorious for the hassle that it takes to open a bank account, usually requiring proof of address before opening your bank account.
Also, most UK banks are going to charge you a fee for a business bank account, usually between £5-£20 a month.

You could also consider Revolut Business.

While not regular banks, your best bets are probably the likes of Wise and Tide.

Thanks. I just recently got through with Wise for international and Sable for the US.

Tide dies not support LLP as yet and Revolut requires I be in the UK. Monese I have not heard back from them in a week now. Not sure what’s happening with them.

It seems Wise has everything I need though.

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