Business Bank Accounts for non EU residents for UK company

Hello to everyone.
I am a Ukrainian (read like non EU resident) that has just opened a LTD company in the UK and looking for a Business bank account solution.

I tried TIDE & MONZO but got rejected for Business account.
MONZO opened for me only personal account.
TIDE rejected both :frowning:

Are there any similar business banking solutions for non EU residents that could be open for their UK company remotely?

I do know about Transferwise / Payoneer/ Paypal - that is all set already.

I need a business account like TIDE or MONZO or similar.

I appreciate your help.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Hi in The Ukraine,

Someone recently mentioned Uphold in the UK. Looks promising, but I have no personal experience yet with them.
Here is a link:
Good luck.

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Thank you. I’ll have a look :wink:

Hi, have you tried From what I read at they can open GBP/EUR business accounts to companies registered in UK or Ireland but directors may be resident elsewhere (as it is with Tide).
Another you might try is .
I have no direct experience with either, but I do with Tide, and they are quite good: pity they rejected your application. Did they say why?

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Hello Maria , the best bank is TransferWise is not a real bank but if you completate well the form they will open it also try Revolut they very good people .
Banks avail its self of making their own decision so simply they won’t open the account simply to anyone only to those who can fill the tricky form and that is bad my suggestion is try TransferWise if not you need to negotiate with a bank and prove you are a legitimate business owner it’s hard Even to me they refuse opening an account I sent back a strong email after they open it .
This is all my best for you

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I wonder about, it seems to be UK-based/Ireland-based but offer both UK sort code account AND an IBAN. Does anyone know if they offer an Irish IBAN and if so, can one who lives in the UK (but with other citizenship) apply? Thx!

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Jim, in the FAQ at they say:
❝ Registration is open to businesses incorporated in the United Kingdom or Ireland with directors/owners resident and/or citizens of the EU (and other countries available on request). In addition applications are accepted from sole traders based in the United Kingdom or Ireland. You can contact us to discuss your situation at❞

Also regarding the IBAN, at I read:
❝As a Fire business user you can add multiple sterling and euro Fire accounts. A Fire Sterling account (GBP) has a sort code & account number and a Euro account (EUR) has an IBAN associated with it. Anyone (e.g. a customer) who wishes to pay you by bank transfer may use these account numbers to transfer funds from any bank account in the UK or Eurozone. A bank transfer usually takes between a few hours and a day to reach its destination.❞

I would think that the IBAN is an Irish one, but as long as it’s SEPA enabled the country shouldn’t make any difference.


Thank you all for your time & effort. Highly appreciate! :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You’re welcome! Please let us know the outcome in terms of acceptance and quality of the service.

Hi Maria,

So have you opened account somewhere? I m really interested in your experience, cause have just the same situation. (Hi from Odessa :wave:)

Best regards,

Hi Max, yes I’ve tried many variants. Here my outcome:

As mentioned, what worked for me for now:

  • Monzo
  • TrasnferWise (Personal & Business Acc.).
  • Payoneer
    Please note that I’ve applied with my UK registered company here as well.


  • FIRE and EBURY they didn’t ask my UK/EU residence during application, but people say they may send an email after requesting it. Waiting for any reply from them.
  • TIDE
    A friend of mine from Ukraine was lucky to open TIDE (with his UK registered company).
    My application they declined for the first time. But there was some other reason (they never asked for my UK/EU Residence). So after 1 month I’ve reinstalled the app and reapplied again. Waiting for their reply.

UPHOLD and MONESE - the website not working properly. I couldn’t even apply.

To all of these banks I’ve applied with my UK registered company and all was good until they requested proof of my Residence in the UK/ EU (which I don’t have for now). It Means that simply have a UK company not enough.

In case you get UK/EU residence somehow, here are links with all the banks you may try to apply:
|Business Banking||
|Personal Banking||

Hope that will help :slight_smile:

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hello, they provide full Irish Iban

@Maria_Sen , thank you for a very detailed research.

Just checking to see if you were able to open your FIRE account?

Very strange about N26, I found it to be user friendly when I opened my account 2 yrs ago.

Thanks in advance!