Get An Offshore Company Linked To A TransferWise Account

I need to get an offshore company linked to a TransferWise account. I would prefer for capital gains to accumulate tax free. I currently have access to an associated Hong Kong company which would allow the capital gains to accumulate, but TransferWise does not play well with a HK company in sending/receiving USD. (See With TransferWise, I save a lot in fees… but more importantly I save the time my money would otherwise be tied up. I am willing to jump through a lot of hoops just to have the speed and savings of TransferWise.
On the same link above, there is a list of the jurisdictions where TransferWise does perform as expected… I did a limited cross reference and picked an Anguilla IBC. So in theory, TransferWise will do fine with a Anguilla IBC. And the Anguilla IBC seems to be perfect at to ease of running and no taxes.
The rub comes in trying to setup a TransferWise Business account which requires the first funding (only 20 GBP) to come from a bank with the same account name. (ie XYZ company create a TransferWise account and first funding must come from a bank account that belongs to XYZ company.)
So now I have to setup a business bank account to pay 20GBP. I would like to setup a low cost bank account online… and I think I could even drop this bank once the TransferWise account is created.

Does anyone have a line on a bank that will allow online business bank account creation for an associated Anguilla company or any company in a tax haven country that is also on this list of countries ?

Barbados is your best chance i think

Take a look at 1st Formations in UK, they offer many packages including a non resident package for company registration that offers Transferwise Business banking. The process is fast and easy.

This is not a requirement if you have a borderless account with a dedicated account number.

Yes agree. I have since confirmed what you say… in theory.

However, I have not been able to test/prove this because I cannot currently setup an offshore company because everything has to be “certified” and we are on lock-down here. I cannot get to someone that will “certify” until lock-down is over.

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