Any recommendations for an apostille service in New York?

Hi Guys, I need to apostille the birth certificate of my child, issue in New York City. Do you guys have any recommendations?

I have found it easy to request them directly from state / local governments.

Thank you. Do apostilles expire in case of being done on a Birth Certificate?

Apostilles can only be obtained from the Secretary of State of the issuing state or from the US Secretary of State for federal documents. NYC documents have very specific requirements before they can go to NY Secretary of State. here’s a link that clearly explains it all.,going%20to%20send%20the%20record.

Apostilles and their documents do not expire

Apostilles and their documents do not expire

However, note that Portugal typically requires that documents be issued within a specific time period. This includes things that don’t change and yet still have to be submitted multiple times, like birth and marriage certificates. You may need to request fresh copies from the state and get them apostilled.

What about IRS Tax ID?

It is not shown on IRS documents unless specifically requested at a cost.

How can that be apostilled please?

Yes, and note that if you did it before, the process is different now. In person is appointment only at both places, so you can’t join the line of people going from the Foley Square basement to the NYDOS. (Or the line of people turned away at NYDOS because they didn’t go to Foley Square first.

Also, this isn’t just NYC.

Are you talking about your IRS Social Security card ? There is no need to get this apostilled if so. Same goes for passports, no apostille required.

No, the card is fine.

Tax returns downloaded from do not show your full tax ID (Social Security Number)

How do you obtain a tax return showing your full tax ID, that can be apostilled?