Anyone aware of other hidden golden visa programs?

There are options out there that are not overly public/popular as the big 3 (Spain, Portugal, Greece) but they do exist, they could be cheaper or easier but not many people know about it.

For example, Latvia has a program for 95K inclusive of fees that gets PR after 5 years (1 day/year requirement) and citizenship after 10.

Wondering if anyone else have come across anything else like that. I’m not talking about D7/Passive Income, but programs that offer PR without living there.

I am currently exploring something for Italy.


Latvia’s program is unpopular for a reason. The language is so difficult to learn that citizenship is virtually impossible to obtain.

Would be curious to hear more about the options you are looking into for Italy.

@mindtry1 Good to know your thoughts.

Actually, the language test for Latvia is about as easy as the Portugese. For countries that are offering GV, it wouldn’t make sense to make the tests difficult, otherwise, no one would invest and defeats the purpose of GV.

For Italy, I’m in the process of performing DD, if something interesting comes from it, I will report back.

Most LatAm (Latin America countries) do have such programs - eg Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, etc. Most require you to live there during the first 2 years (or require that you reside a total of 2 years withIN the first 3 years, or similar requirement).
Paraguay does NOT have such a requirement - file and go about ur biz anywhere, and when the time has accrued u r IN.
Also, the country most would NOT consider - Russia grants temporary residence status under its NEW immigration laws, with cit in 5 years. Proof of income IS required. And NO taxation during the qualifying period. BTW, the income taxation rate in Russia, once you become taxable, is an ENORMOUS 13% - that is NOT a typo - thirteen percent. In the north be cold. In the south be temperate.
AND IF you prefer to do NO accounting for your income later on AFTER you do become taxable, buy what they call a “patent” (NOT to be confused with the normal English meaning) - that is a pre-paid, IF you like, taxation absolution for each calendar year. Numerous “flavors” available, depending of what you “guess-timate” your income is likely to be for the calendar year.
IF you would like details on any, plse do contact me.

I believe none of the GV require a language test. The language test is only required if you are applying for citizenship.

Are you looking at any particular resources for Italy? What have you found?

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If anyone is considering getting European citizenship, I would recommend Malta, Montenegro Citizenship by Investment but better get them fast because the big bullies in Brussels would use any excuse it can find to take them down. For Montenegro, it has an application deadline which is the end of this year(ie. 31 Dec. 2021) but that was set when the programme was first launched back in 2019 before COVID.

Ever since then, I have yet to hear any updates regarding the application deadline
But I guess not everyone here would necessarily want to get another European citizenship

I do have a question though. Which of the official “agents” for these golden visas are the most cost effective for a guy from Singapore? I have looked through the other forums and some agents that I find cost effective are not available in my country.

Apart from that, I encourage those who have the knowledge or expertise to contribute to either my citizenship by investment thread [Montenegro Citizenship by Investment deadline extension?] or this thread


@paulthefree more or less they will be all the same, in terms of price.

Is there any particular issue you are running into, as I’m not sure how your location is of inconvenience?

Is there any particular issue you are running into, as I’m not sure how your location is of inconvenience?

Well, if this was before corona, location would not have mattered and I would be able to submit some of the documents in person by appointment. Call me old school or paranoid but I needed the assurance that the agent has a physical branch in my country in case I encounter some issue. But with the pandemic still raging, I’m not sure if the documents submission part can be done entirely online.

@paulthefree depending on the program, certain documents can be attested and mailed, several originals will be required and returned to you once finished.

While every company would like to be in all countries, it is not possible. Are you able to travel outside of SGP at all? I have some partners in various countries that can assist.

Being in the same country as the agent is great but 95% of the cases are done remotely.

Yes its possible but when I go to another country, I still have to either isolate myself for about 14 days and/or take their pcr or necessary corona tests and ensure the results are negative. And when returning back to sgp, I have to do the same but in sgp. So in total I would have wasted more than 1 month

Actually, currently I’m just looking around cos my investments(crypto, precious metals and ETFs) are not yet worth the min. amount needed for either investment funds or property outside the coastal areas.

The SGP part I will leave up to you, if you visit UAE (where I am), you won’t need to waste too much time but if you are not ready for a while, then perhaps by the time your funds are ready, the world will be in a better place.

Whats your goals exactly? I have something that could be interesting with Latvia, PR in 5 years with 1 day per year residency requirement. Year 6-10 you need to live there if you want to get citizenship. If not, just stick wit the PR. Cost is $130,000 starting.

I understand. Regardless of what happens to the world by then, I am still hell bent on getting European PR or citizenship which is my main goal.

I have heard about Latvia. Is $130k the min. investment for the company investment option?

I would consider it.

@paulthefree Latvian program involves

  • 50K investment amount
  • 10K government charges
  • 40K in taxes that needs to be paid per year, but you will be part of a company that pays this amount annually instead of you
  • 15K in application related charges that will include the renewal fee
  • 15K in professional charges

Having said all this, as it is a business, it is possible for the business to go under in which you would lose the investment so think of it as a 130K donation. HOWEVER it is unlikely and when the 5 years is up, you should most likely recover the 50K investment + earn enough profits to cover the entire expenses.

Exact details, we can discuss in message/call if you like.

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Hi Sam

I’m still not sure about the 40k in taxes part. If the 40k of taxes is paid by the company annually, why is it still included in the total cost of the program?

Cos when add all of the amounts together, 50 + 10 + 40 + 15 + 15, it matches the 130k grand total.

Shouldnt it be 90k instead of 130k?

Please clarify by PM


Can you become a citizen in Montenegro? Also, is it certain that they will be part of Europe?