Anyone experiencing delays with renovation GV projects in Lisbon?

We purchased an apartment in Lisbon through Portugal Homes down near LX Factory, the full building was being renovated and there are a bunch of smaller apartments within. Renovation works were slated to be completed by Feb 2023 but now the lawyers are talking about delays of at least a couple of months. Anyone else in the same boat? Curious to know if it is just unlucky circumstances or reflective of a wider issue. Also, only reason I know this is because I have to follow up, otherwise it seemed no one was interested in sharing the news.

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Buckle up. Delays are the norm. If they are telling you a “couple months”, it will be closer to a year delay.

I wouldn’t actually care but my understanding is that the renovation needs to be completed in time for the renewal of the Golden Visa. So if it really goes south, could imperil the visa entirely which is what is concerning for me.

We were told our renovation project would take 4 months, maybe 6 months. Ended up as a year. This was mid-2021 through mid-2022.

Personally, I would rather they under promise and over deliver, but that’s apparently not what is normally done.

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Same thing here. The project took an extra 5 months to complete. I can understand that covid had an effect on the project timeline but now I have been waiting another 3 months to try and get the inspection done.
Has anyone got a contact for me who would be able to help me with the inspection?