Anyone has experience having a second home/apartment/condo in Western Europe? (Lifestyle purchase)

I’m European American. I am based in the US East Coast and have property here. Yes, I am self-employed with a location independent job.

At the same time, I would be interested in purchasing a small condo in Western Europe.

My goal with the property: Is to go there for few months every year, to party and have fun, use the property as my hub to go to other European countries to visit, then come back to America and rent out the property, during the months I’m not there.

Just to clarify: If I were to buy, I’d try to buy it in full, not mortagage. This is primarily a lifestyle purchase.

I have a few cities in mind: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Frankfurt. However, if Western Europe is not convenient I am open to consider Eastern Europe.

However, before settling with any specific city I would like to hear from people who have purchase apartments in these and other Western European countries. I know there’s lot of factors that might go into this decision(picking the right city) so I would like to hear those who have done this type of purchase before.

following. as German resident, I was informed there are some tax advantages in owning a second home, but in the same time, I read that owning a house in some countries comes with a lot of obligations that discourage me. … for example, in Germany, a lot of costs as owner and modernisation obligations every ten years, a lot of liabilities, in Spain, a lot of fixed costs for refuse, water and electricity even if you do not use them…

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Thanks for your post. Hence, I’m trying to learn more about people own multiple homes nd wha their experience has been like.