Lisbon apartment considerations

Hi all,

I’m considering buying an apartment in Lisbon as an investment (vacation rentals) and as a place to live in for a few months a year.

I’ve been looking a bunch on idealista and have some questions which maybe y’all’ve run into already.

First off, does anyone have any suggestions for good realtors? Responsiveness is important to me more than anything I think.

Re: apartments generally

  1. If you buy an apartment in a building with other apartments, how are common area upkeep tasks handled? I see some listings on idealista show a condo fee basically, but it’s often very low - tens of euros a month. Others list nothing

  2. Water heating - the thing in the kitchen in many places appears to be a tankless water heater. Sometimes powered by a standalone propane(?) tank, sometimes no obvious energy source. I take that to mean some apartments have a natural gas pipe and others don’t, any rules of thumb or more info about these? Can I reasonably expect long hot showers? :slight_smile:

  3. Related to 2 - is it reasonable to consider moving the water heater location with a serious remodel or is that pretty fixed?

  4. How are apartments heated? Any troubles to expect installing a simple gas heater somewhere if the apartment has a gas line?

  5. Is it reasonable to consider removing walls if we want to rearrange how the apartment’s space is distributed? Probably very contextual but maybe that’s a big nono.

Aside from those questions, how did the buying process go for all of you? We’re able to visit portugal to visit apartments, but maybe remote viewings are ok these days.

Any other thoughts are more than welcome

Hey garret,
Keep an eye on this one as well.
Good luck :+1: