Real Estate agent recommendations

Hello. Thank you all for such wonderful information. Would appreciate any trustable agents you can recommend. Thank you

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Agents in which area(s)?

Hello. Thank you for reaching out. Not settled on a specific area yet. I would appreciate any trustable people in Lisbon and the surrounding area, Porto etc…

Thanks again


Hi Ramin, please feel free to send me your contact details and happy to call you tomorrow and help you.


I did some business with many agents in Porto when I was buying my apartments for GV, and then renting them out. Which kind of agent do you need - to buy a property or to rent a flat to live in?

to buy a property for golden visa


Okay, here’s my top list:

  1. Marta Oliveria from iWish - she’s very good, she showed me more properties and of better quality than others. Business relation with her (she also has a apartment management service) I broke up, imho she focuses on her priorities, not client’s (perhaps it us my wrong judgement). Still, buying a property is a win-win for agent and client and she is very good at her job.
  2. Nuno Cruz from 100domus. Good and honest man.
  3. Andre Almeida from fraccaoexacta. Honest and helpful man.

I’d advise to contact as many agents as your time allows. They’ll find different options and you’ll have a better selection to choose from. If you find an apartment that you want to buy at agency A but you prefer agent B (speaks English, more credible, can negotiate for you etc) - that is totally OK for both A and B. They’ll just split their commission (the seller pays, not you), they are used to that, it’s fine.

N.B. I am talking about Porto. No experience in other cities.

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Hi. Thank you for your input. What made you choose Porto? Can I have the contact info for your recommendations please? Who do you use for management?

I’ve indicated the companies of these agents, you can google that easily. I can share their mobile phones in pm I guess, but I think it’s easy to approach them from the website.
I was making a choice a year ago right before Porto and Lisbon were excluded from GV. To me it made sense to choose Porto because it’s not that overpriced as Lisbon and still there are lots of tourists. Covid changed that dramatically, I now have 2 empty apartments. One was long-term, but tenants fled. Second one I will rent out on airbnb from May. I had bad experience with iWish in terms of airbnb management (again, maybe my fault), now I went for portoconcierge which is which is now taken over by guestready. They have a lot of properties (hundreds), I hope it will go better.
If I would make the choice again, I’d not buy an apartment for sure. Perhaps an A+ business space would do better - 2x more expensive, but tenants like Adidas won’t go bankrupt because of covid. Perhaps something else. I now live in Algarve, i see empty hotels, empty airbnb apartments etc. Covid… What I know for sure - I bought problems that I now have to manage :slight_smile:
Good luck!