Legitimate portugal real estate buyer’s agent

Hi all,
Ikm non-EU resident. Currently I’m looking into golden visa program by investment. Can anybody recommend trusted real estate buying agent who experience with golden visa program?


I’m looking for the same, I have seen good reviews about Brint Portugal but would like to hear real-life opinions from members here.


I can recommend an awesome real estate agent who helped me out with my GV investment.
He is working for a big real estate agency in PT, so he is NOT a GV-specialist as such, but he is very well aware of the the GV requirements and possible pitfalls.

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you might want to check https://www.propertyfinderportugal.com/ as well.
Luis, the founder, is also nomad gate contributor. Watched his webinar and he seems to be knowledgable dan experienced in the field.

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Thanks, I just checked their website; 2.5% finder’s fee seems reasonable to me but I have no comparables to be sure.

hey, could you recommend him to me as well? Thank you!