Property Agents

Hi I was informed today that my GV development is finished and ready for inspection. Who can you recommend that can help me with the inspection in Lisbon? I would also need someone who can help me advertise and get the unit let as well. I am obviously not based in Portugal so I would need someone who can help with the general property services.


Hi, what do you mean by ‘inspection’? Property surveyor to check for any defects/repairs needed?

Hi yes its a GV property so the construction is now finally done and I need someone (with the right skills) to do a post-construction inspection. I am new to this so not sure what all needs to be checked…

There’s a firm, Prime Yield, that does evaluations. You might talk to them. Google will turn them up.

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Great thanks guys. Any idea of who to chat to in the Lisbon area to help me let this fully furnished property?