Supreme Court new law- Apartments in residential buildings should not be rented to tourists,

Does anyone know anything more about this new law that says that you can no longer rent out your property short term aka on airbnb? It seems you can’t get an AL licence anymore, is this true? Seems crazy given the number of foreign investors who don’t want to live there year-round but I could only find one article on it so I’m not sure if it’s valid.

Big yikes if true. Localities really will do anything but build more housing won’t they

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So here’s what I know. If you have an apartment or condo it will be very hard to get the license moving forward. If you own a house that’s not a problem. What I heard from my realtor in Portugal is that it is likely that they will only enforce this in more urban areas like Lisbon and Porto basically larger population areas. If you choose to live in less populated areas it may not be enforced.
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I did read a bit more, Portugal uses Civil law, ie this case is not necessarily binding.

I’ll ask my lawyer what they think

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So I found a video on YouTube that said something similar but it’s hard to feel confident about buying a house based on YouTube advice so would like to hear some more concrete evidence is not going to be enforced.UPDATE - Portugal Supreme Court ruling and Short Term Rentals/Tourist Properties - Portugal Travel - YouTube