Anyone with experience on offshore banking in Mauritius

I’m trying to setup a non-resident company for tax purposes in Mauritius. Has anyone had experience with this recently? I need advice (banks/ lawyers) Thank You.

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ABC Bank used to be easy to open an account with

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Some useful articles

Paysera accepts Mauritius companies (it is an EMI not a bank) I think Boderless account should accept you

Usually you can open a bank account in Mauritius remotely, ABC bank is one of them. Another one is Bank of Mauritius.

Thanks for your response and suggestions. Does anyone have contacts for lawyers in Mauritius? That can help with setting up offshore companies

You have asked amazingly great questions :+1: here and I clearly notice your interest in international business :bank:. In fact, I’ve personally used the SFM’s company, and therefore I can recommend their service :briefcase:. You can find out about their activities and also the opportunities in Mauritius :mauritius: through the link below.

Thanks for the suggestions, Do you have any idea of the Customer service of any of these banks ABC or Bank of Mauritius. Also how good is their online banking?? Because this will be an important factor.


There is no actual experience with the issues you are asking, but there is at least one discussion group that has addressed the issue. I hope it could be of some use to you.

Very useful link, I notice there’s a lot of negative reviews on ABC bank of recent. Asking for too many paper work. From Skype calls to invoices, bill lading, contract agreement for each wire above 50k. Slow or poor customer response. I think I may look into Bank of Baroda as I’m keen on banking offshore in Mauritius.