ARI Holders (Stage 5)

@IME @Onward just a quick update as Mike mentioned not knowing if I am on ARI - I missed that message as it was a busy month.

My residence permit is for professional activity, and I came to Portugal on a D7 visa (back then also used for digital nomads). Hope that helps and that you will be able to renew yours as planned!

Adding some additional information in case anyone is googling regarding Renovação Automática on SEF (that is how I found this forum and it helped me massively to know I’m not the only one with issues):

On my end, the renewal status on the SEF website is now “completed” / “concluido”. Not sure if that means they reviewed and extended my permit, but I am hopeful it was the case.

The renewal cost around 170 euros total.


That’s what I thought cause I don’t recall you mentioned ARI which costs more than 10 times the D7 auto renewal fee btw :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Anyway, congrats and hopefully ARI RP holders can still renew on upcoming months, cheers!

anyone had any luck for auto renewal or to book an appointment for ARI renewal (on second or third stay card renewal), i got my ARI first in 2018, and renewed on 2020, now, i am waiting for my third renewal which is long expired…
anyone in the same shoe?

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If you look earlier on this thread, several people whose cards expired last year managed to renew - eg ARI Holders (Stage 5) - #344 by eugyppius.
The “HOW TO” is provided here: HOW-TO: GV Automatic Online Renewal Procedure (Jan 2023→). Be aware that you do not renew at the ARI site, but here Registo.

tried auto renewal for at least a month, but no luck, my ari record (NIF) seem to be wrong on the ARI website, but correct on my card…

There has not been a single appointment on since dec 2020, i tried daily…


You refer to the “ARI website” and “not a single appointment on”.
Did you use the HOW TO above?
You should not be going to the ARI website, but to The link is here :Registo


Still no response from SEF’s listed email or regional directory emails regarding fixing the technical error that won’t allow me to register on the SEF portal for automatic renewal. Both lawyer and myself have sent multiple follow-ups. If anyone has a better email/has specific experience with this issue that would be most appreciated. For some reason they just won’t accept anything but email on this issue.

Sorry just saw this. We had only paid the processing fee so we just ate that and redid the whole thing on the auto. The twits wanted a police certificate from Malta as that is where we living when we applied in 2018. But that we cannot give as we do not live there.

OK if people who have been trying to do automatic renewals kindly share their success stories on this thread, as our individual “expiration dates” come up next few months (i.e., currently those with expirations in April / May / June)? Thanks in advance.

(so we know if the automatic renewals is here to stay, or not…)

oh, i did both, and registered this time with a different email to we dont qualify for auto renewal (red line everytime we try)

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Perhaps write a PM to @minimaxr, as he is credited for the “HOW TO” in the link above? Hope he will have the time to help.

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My permit expired in April and the auto-renewal feature was available last week.

I was told they ship it within 2 weeks. Does anyone knows if you need to be in PT to sign for the delivery?

Before, it was possible to have it shipped to my lawyer offices so I could pick it up whatever I wanted.

PS: It would really be a mess if I can’t obtain it just because I can’t fly back to Portugal, especially as a ARI investor.


Someone has to sign for it, but it doesn’t have to be you. Like any other registered letter, they just need to confirm receipt at the address.

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Thanks for your reply.

Issue is if nobody is there and it’s sent back to the post office, they require your ID to pick it up (or a proxy)

has anyone still not received invitation to appointment for renewal since 2020 and ARI site does not have available appointment to book?

I am sure you have heard about online renewal, but have you tried it?

By the way I have had a manual - old school renewal appointment early this year. It seems as if from time to time (every quarter) they release few slots. If you work with a lawyer - they can hear when slots can become available…

tried and trying auto renewal, but redline note everytime, so not sucessful, still scanning for appointment everyday now

It is my understanding that online renewal is not on the ARI portal but SEF, maybe? Look at other people referencing renewal, they have more information.


that is correct,:-
auto renewal =
ari appointment portal =

What is “redline note”?