Armenia’s immigration and naturalization process?

Hello everyone, great site!

I am in progress on a Portuguese citizenship by investment, and I am learning the language so that I may fit in better when I move there from the USA.

I am also interested in expanding my travel and business opportunities in far eastern Europe. Nomad Capitalist speaks favorably of Armenia as a friendly and welcoming community with good food, great personal safety, and warm fuzzies about capitalism and foreign direct investment. Armenia offers visa-free travel to many central Asian countries, as well as Russia and China:

One Armenian immigration lawyer claims on an easily-located website that it is fairly easy to obtain paper residence in Armenia by starting a simple business, and also fairly easy to obtain citizenship after three years of paper residence. Another (coincidentally) Armenian lawyer a well-known, white glove CBI firm confirms that American citizens should not have a difficult time getting Armenian citizenship, but that getting a residence permit requires some research and isn’t a big priority for the firm since there is little demand. Nomad Capitalist might know, but his high pressure sales pitch is too intense for me.

Practical information about Armenia’s immigration and naturalization processes is not readily available on the internet. Do any of you have knowledge or experience with the topic? I’m interested in planting a flag there. I would be grateful for your advice and your help!

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No fear of mandatory military draft?

Good question! I believe that the draft only applies to citizens below the age of 50. I would be exempt by the time I was eligible to naturalize. It’s just me but if there were younger folks in my party, I’d certainly be concerned about that.

So, you won’t pass it to your sons, who are younger than 50 either?

No, it’s just me. Others with families may have different needs.