Second passport

American here, in Mexico. Reading about current and possible restrictions on leaving the US if I go back.
Being single, aside from marriage, anyone know of places to get a second passport fairly easy, and fairly inexpensive?

There are many different passport providers :passenger_ship:, but you can’t get very cheap :moneybag:. I was offered the Honorary Consul’s diplomatic passport from Lesotho :lesotho: and the price was 130,000, I didn’t see the need to order it. On the other hand, it would be nice to go to passport control :passport_control: with it and then what would happen I don’t know. :oncoming_police_car: :policeman:

The cheapest second passport for an American is through ancestry.


Would love to hear more about the offer of a diplomatic passport!

There are a variety of service providers nowadays no matter how many, so there is no problem obtaining a passport if you only have a little available wealth. After all, it is much simpler to travel and even handle transactions when you have a passport that suits you. At the same time, it also brings with it the much-needed privacy. I will put here a link where a few acquaintances have obtained a passport for themselves and have been more than satisfied.

The Republic of Vanuatu in Oceania is a honorary citizenship easy to obtain if you have a clean police record and some reference and you make a donation to an approved agency trought to Vanuatu government You obtain a passport to travel up to 129 country visa free international recognized .


that’s awesome, didn’t know of that one. Seems it’s $130-180K, but still, good to know.

Cambodia, actually a decent passport and you may change your name citizen ship in 3 to 6 months. I think even Angela Jolie hss a passport

approx 310K that is vested though, an acceptable investment is in a Bank Deposit account, such as Acleda 6.5% return p.a.

You could live (like a King) on the interest nearly $5K every 12 weeks.

There is/was a service whlch cost 50k flat, they locked in the required investment for the period (I think it was 12 months) on your behalf in ABA or Acleda Bank. I will try and find the details.

Otherway is too marry a local lady then after 3 years you can get citizenship, maybe another reason why there are so many retired US citizens there. (is Angela still single?)

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that’s a good one. I’ve been to a few SE Asia countries, but haven’t been there yet.

Morning or Afternoon
The $50k option, for Cambodia is available, very reasonable for what it provides especially if someone is unable to raise the $310k for full investment.

In addition you may open a Cambodia high interest 6.5% Bank Account remotely (if Admin will allow me to post the link?)

Another option:
is the 5 Year Thailand Elite Visa for $15K,
and 20 year options for $30k.

I have a colleague who is selling their 20 year transferable Visa if of interest, he is leaving due to ill health. (if I am permitted by Admin to give you the contact)

You dont have to stay there all the time just fly in once a year or if staying at validation time the Government agent will complete the annual validation for you.

You actually will get a plus one year (so 6 or 21 years) if you renew just before visa validity end.

They will also help fast track immigration everytime you land/depart and help you open a Thai bank account.
(if Admin will allow me to post the official agents link?)

How about Barbados not passport but residency really good value for money and tax free

Barbados, started July 2020 Validity 12 month, cost $2000 single / $3000 family.
Caveats/ Details:

  • will not be subject to Barbados income tax
  • must maintain medical insurance
  • children may attend private schools or pay a stipend to attend a public school
  • renewable after one year
    Barbados looks good option.

Cost of living:
Barbados Cost of living


I’ve recently read there is a $3,000 CV insurance deposit, ​​Where US citizens can travel. Anyone know if there is more current info?

Thanks for the Barbados suggestion. I also want to be at an elevation higher than 600 ft/180 m. Only some of the island, the center, is that high. Might be good for a visit though.

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In Mexico! Aquire Permanent Residency status, and 5 years later you can get a passport. Fairly simple process, and very inexpensive. I’ve done it myself.

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oh, wow. I spend 6 months there, I didn’t see a clearcut way to do that. Do you have more information or links you can share?

Here’s the link with the requirements…but you must start the process from OUTSIDE of Mexico in your home country… good luck!

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Are you required to spend time in Mexico for those 5 years? Also, what about mandatory military service for sons?

Out of the 5 years of residency, you’re only required to be in Mexico for the last 2 years to apply for citizenship. Also, in the last 2 years before applying for citizenship, you can be outside of Mexico for a maximum of 180 days. That means you need to be in Mexico for a minimum of 550 days in that final 2 year period.

I have been a temporary resident of Mexico since 2016 and became a permanent resident this year. I’m going to apply for citizenship next year.

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Thanks. Any concerns around the mandatory military service? For you or for your sons?