Dual citizenship: US & Spain

Hi folks, my husband and I are working on our plan for EU Citizenship. I am a US citizen who has spent 5+ years in France, Italy and Spain. My husband is a dual citizen US & Argentina. He has a path to Spanish citizenship through lineage but from what I have read, in order for me to get citizenship in Spain as his spouse I would need to give up my US citizenship. Does anyone know if this is truly the case in practice? Seems odd that there would be no US /Spain dual citizens, but I don’t have any anecdotal information. Thanks in advance for any insight.

From my own research online, Spain doesn’t allow dual citizenship except with its previous colonies, Portugal, and Brazil (?). From what I gathered, the only US citizens that qualify for dual citizenship with Spain are those from Puerto Rico (as it was a Spanish colony before). If I remember correctly, you can get this certificate by living for a year in Puerto Rico. Then, you don’t have to renounce US citizenship when granted Spanish citizenship.

Although you have to sign a written oath in Spain renouncing your previous citizenship, this oath doesn’t mean anything to the US government. Therefore, to the US government, you will continue to be a US citizen after signing any such oath.

Furthermore, the Spanish government doesn’t care if you actually go through the steps to renounce your previous citizenship afterwards. Most people just end up keeping their previous citizenship and remember to enter Spain with their Spanish passport.

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