Asking price below EUR500k - any good options for GV eligibility?

I am looking to acquire GV via the property purchase so I need to pay EUR500k, that’s clear.
However, if I find a nice property advertized just a notch below that amount, what would be my options?
I figured so far that I potentially can:

  1. Simply make an offer and purchase above the asking price (Pros: single transaction; Cons: money wasted, any issues with GV application?)
  2. Ask for some extras to be thrown in (or not to be removed) by the seller, e.g. white goods, some garden equipment, ornaments, or even furniture (?) topping it up to the required amount (Pros: single transaction and money not wasted, Cons: issues with GV?)
  3. Go and find a second property (Pros: no issues with GV by definition as the number of transactions not limited by SEF; Cons: pretty much everything else i.e. find a second cheap property for a EUR10-15k (near impossible?), deal with another transaction, delay the start of GV etc.)

Any thoughts on the above would be much appreciated!

Anyu number of sellers will come up with some version of (2) for you. It’s not too hard. I’ve seen “stuff thrown in”, “charge more then rebate you for ‘rent’”, some other stuff.

It seems to me that spending some additional money on renovations (new kitchen appliances, new flooring, etc) should qualify. I would ask a Portuguese attorney experienced in GV about that. Seems to be more in keeping with the spirit of the GV process because it both improves the housing and injects money into the local economy. Some of the other suggestions (deliberately paying more than the asking price and getting something not really tied to the property in return, or at worst a kind of kick back) seem dodgy to me.

Hello Tommy,

I just thought I should let you know that there are actually a number of different categories under the Portuguese Golden Visa so you don’t necessarily have to invest €500,000.

For properties that undergo renovation works that are either located in an area of urban rehabilitation OR at least 30 years of age there is a 30% reduction on the minimum investment requirement taking it down to just €350,000.

On top of this there is a 20% reduction on the minimum investment requirement for projects that are located in an area of low density. Meaning there are also property investments on the market that qualify at €400,000 and €280,000. However these will of course be out of the big cities and highly populated parts of the Algarve.

If you need any assistance sourcing a suitable property investment then feel free to reach out via DM. I have an immigration consultancy firm and would gladly assist.


Hi David, I think I am aware of all the other routes to GV, but thanks for reminding.
None of the options below EUR500k are suitable in my case, i.e. I am not planning to buy for renovations, nor am I buying in the NUTS III zone.
I have just checked again the EUR350k requirements and it does mandate the evidence of “rehabilitation” works which I will not have.

Ok understood, yes that is correct regarding the 350k project requirements. However, there are some ready made properties on the market that have been renovated. The total investment needs to be 350k including the renovation works. Where are you planning to purchase?

You can still get property at EUR285K to EUR315K in the Algarve. But they are going very quickly. DM me if you want more info.