Confirming GV eligibility requirements for Low Density Non-Renovation/Rehabilitation

Looking at a property in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo. Trying to confirm what the minimum investment for Golden Visa eligibility is for a non-renovation/rehabilitation - I believe it is 400,000 (20% off of the 500,000 because of low density), but I thought I also saw 350,000 somewhere


Hi Kate!

The €350.000 minimum is for properties undergoing rehabilitation works. If this is not the case then the minimum will be €400.000 / €500.000.

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Yes as @Ricardo.Baptista said there are 2 discounts that can stack:

  • Low density 20% discount
  • Renovation 30% discount

Which gives these combinations:

  • No discount: 500k
  • Low density: 500*(1-0.2) = 400k
  • Renovation: 500*(1-0.3) = 350k
  • Low density and renovation: 500*(1-0.2)*(1-0.3) = 280k
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Appreciate the insights

I purchased in Sagres at the other end of the algarve for 450k and received a legal opinion that due to the low density of the area, that it will qualify for the GV.