Awaiting Final Approval (Stage 4)

I think 2-4 weeks is typical. Your bio was in Coimbra?

Yes - Coimbra, 6 Oct 2022


In Lisbon, the slowest ever, I paid on 5/03/23 and received the card at my attorneys office on 5/18/23, so it might be quicker than you think.


Lisbon office seems to have slowed down in giving the final approval. For applicants, who gave their biometrics in July / August 2022, the wait has been more than 10 months.

For Lisbon, those who had biometrics up to the end of 2021 could expect about six months from then to final approval. Then the wait time increased dramatically, and those who had bios from late Jan 2022 onwards have waitied 9-12 months for approval. We’ve seen one July 2022 biometrics case approved - waiting for more.


Paid on the same day. Still haven’t received my card. The wait is still not over :confused:


Just to update the list, attorney received my card on 18 May 23

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I did my biometric on March 15 at Lisbon. Please add me to the list. We are a family of 3 and all of us did it at the same day.

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Thank you very much for the useful information. It seems like I’m stuck with Lisbon even if my lawsuit succeeds.

Hopefully, the remaining part of your journey will be shorter and more predictable.


Update for July 2022 Lisbon biometrics folks - my lawyers reached out to let me know that SEF requested an updated “certificate proving the current ownership of the Fund’s units, free of encumbrances and charges, issued by the entity responsible for keeping an updated record of the unit holders, in accordance with the law, the respective management regulations or contractual instrument.”

i believe @rogergan68 was also asked for this documentation, and it seems like if you have fund units this will be something SEF requires. Not sure what the bank fees are at various banks, but at BiG it costs 30 Euros + VAT to issue an updated declaration.

Hoping to have final approval soon, and will keep everyone posted on progress. Thanks again to @cj807 and others for compiling and contributing such helpful information on the biometric and final approval waiting times,


In my case, SEF asked for two updated docs from MillenniumBCP:

  1. Declaration of Fund Transfer (200€) and
  2. Cert of Fund Participation Unit Ownership (25€+VAT)

My Husbands Biometrics appointment was March 2nd 2023 in Porto.

Table updated and deleted in earlier posts.


Did mine 1 Aug 2022 in Lisbon - still waiting.

I am wondering if we should write to the Minister to complain about the slow issue of residency cards from Lisbon office. They should be issued within 3 months and you are still waiting after 9 months from biometrics .


I’m pretty sure they know how slow they are and do not care. As stated in other threads, the only thing that seems to get them to speed up is to file a lawsuit and then it only speeds up for the individual that is subject to that lawsuit.


Finally got my card today! Below is the full timeline for your reference:

24 Aug 2021 - GV application submission
8 Nov 2021 - pre-approval
27 Jun 2022 - biometrics in Lisbon
2 May 2023 - final approval (paid the next day)
31 May 2023 - card received (valid from 8 May for 2 years)

Good luck to those who are waiting. Hope you receive your final approval/cards soon!



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My solicitor confirmed their office had 2 x July ('22) bios get their cards from Lisbon this week…


SEF Porto are working…
Just had notification of final approval and a request to pay for the card etc.
15th(?) January my biometrics. Two family members were Lisbon, one Funchal, so we wait for them but as their applications are dependent on mine…

Woo. Hoo!