Banco Atlantico

As a golden visa investor, I have had to open a Portuguese bank account. Has anyone else been having constant troubles with Banco Atlantico? It seems that I am constantly getting locked out of my account (password seems to change without my changing it) and I need to complete a new paper authorization to then email to reset my password. Then a few weeks later, I will lose access again. This is only one of the many issues I have been experiencing but I wanted to survey the group and see if anyone had similar experiences. Also has anyone tried banking with BIG bank or Bison Bank? Are they easier to deal with (meaning, can I actually access my account when I want to)?

I’m with Bison bank, no problem at all.

BIG requires a live Portuguese phone number for SMS codes to log in. Virtual numbers don’t work. You can give them an American phone number but it won’t work and they won’t fix the problem.

Bison has great service and online access is no problem.

My BiG account works well with my Singapore mobile number.