Bank account that isn't discover-able by default to tax authorities?


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I’m interested in the Georgia bank as well as Hong Kong banks.

Georgia, Hong Kong, Panama, Singapore seem to be the best destinations for opening offshore bank accounts.

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Here is where I bank in the Republic of Georgia:

I use their private banking division (go to Liberty Wealth tab at the top), but they also regular personal and business accounts.

I have also heard good things about these banks in Georgia:


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But I’m curious how you could bank there without speaking Georgian language?
Do they have English-speaking agents at their locations?

I have the same question for banking in Hong Kong. How can I open a bank account in Hong Kong without Chinese language skills?

I found many of Panamanian banks have agents who can speak English. It looks much easier to bank in Panama.

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I don’t speak a word of Georgian, but I just walked into a random branch of Liberty Bank four years ago and they immediately assigned a couple of English-speaking staff to help me open the account.

Once I opened my account (quite easily, took about an hour), I was assigned my own private banker at their main office, who is fluent in English. We email and talk on the phone just fine. They have English versions of their website, online banking, and phone app.

Language has not been a problem for me. They welcome English-speaking clients, even Americans, and they try hard to serve us well.

Granted, it’s not quite as easy as banking at home, especially with time zone differences. But it’s worth it to me to earn several times more interest than in the US or western Europe, with little or no fees, choice of many currencies, good exchange rates, and instant free worldwide access to my money with the Visa Infinite card. Plus I feel my money is safer than in most banks, especially US banks.


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Thanks for your explanation!
So they’re very much prepared for US clients.

and I heard they don’t require any document besides a passport.
I’m definitely checking out Georgia along with Hong Kong.

Do they mail out the infinite visa card to a US address or any address of your choice?
I’m curious because it’s a lot of hassles once you lose a card like that.
I wonder how you can get a replacement card without visiting a bank branch in Georgia.

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Yes, they will mail the Visa card to the US.

You won’t have any trouble with English in Hong Kong. It’s widely spoken there. Hong Kong has excellent banks, and used to be very popular with Americans. But I keep hearing that Hong Kong banks won’t take Americans any more. Good luck.


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Major players such as HSBC will ask you about your TIN in hong Kong due to intention of headquater. If you would like to open account without TIN and with passport, you had better go to china based bank at least.

By the way, untracable cryptocurrency ADK linked IBAN via Lithania-based bank Mister Tango where you could have Master card.
ADK focuses on privacy and security.
How do you think?

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Hiya @tak

This bank is very nice. Hope it opens for business soon. I can’t wait to get that lovely Bitcoin connected credit/debit card one day soon.