Neat Bank personal or business accounts in Hong Kong and you can open it online even from your home couch

Thank you,will check this one gladly.

@Imcrious Please, I hope that would be of some help :100: and I’d love to hear from you if you decide to give it a try. I myself am interested and that is why I put a link to this site, if someone decides to try it so gladly I could put that experience here as well :heart_eyes_cat:. At least at first glance, there are some costs associated with automatic withdrawals :atm:, but what about that bank should otherwise be. :thinking:

This is for business owners only,which I am not.And reviews are very good and very bad,which talks for itself IMO.
People lost money due hacking,and Neat did not care enough.And very restrictive towards some countries,I doubt the card will work on ATM s internationally.
Definitely too risky for a try and put your own company in trouble.

sorry,have to add and correct that Neat has private accounts also,but fee to receive money is 60HKD.
Makes Trasferwise much cheaper.

Thank you very much once again for your secret police work :secret:. I had already thought about setting up that account, but luckily you got to know it better and more closely :+1: and now I are no longer interested in that bank at all. I tried to explore other possible options and I found a rather interesting site in the Cayman Islands :desert_island: :cayman_islands:. It would also seem that there might not be a need to go there to open a bank account :bank:yourself, but the whole process could be done remotely. This already seems much more convincing and reliable :pray:. If you’re interested then it would be amazingly great if you could explore that again in a little more detail :100:. I would love to hear your views on whether that could even work around simply? What are the minimum deposit requirements? Mention $ 1,000 on the front page and $ 100,000 in the price list? :thinking: Or was there two different forms of account and does that checking account really require more capital to be deposited? How do the costs affect the potential benefits? :atm: :thinking:

What comes to my mind now is that there are forex brokers offering cards also,which is very much the same like a bank account,if the company is licensed and the funds are secregated(put in sep acc at safety by law requirements)it is possible to use these for cash withdrawal from ATMS .The only thing is payouts needs to be done/returned to the same address where the original deposit came from.But this can be any bank where residents is.
Plus you can buy/sell /trade fx and make a small return instead getting low interest from the bank.

My experience NEAT “Personal Card” works prefectly international ATMs and Payments never had problems. I have seen bad reports, but all Cards/ Banks have issues.
Although I must agree Transferwise is great.

Good thing about NEAT personal mastercard card you may receive third party deposits.
Spend/ use internationally
Non-reportable transfers/holdings
Unlimited for card payments and transfers to other NEAT users
Never asked to revalidate address annually
Easy opening /app
Used requested statement from customer service for opening other accounts

Personal Card, not a bank so cannot withdraw only use as a Card
ATM withdrawals limited to $12,000 annually
Some nationalities/ countries not accepted

Hi Caymen National Bank Huge Data leak last year
FYI All accounts are reported to Account Holder home country as Caymens are part of CRS regime

Data leak (would hope improved now ss not good for reputation)