Bank account that isn't discover-able by default to tax authorities?

Although the interest seems good, TBC withdraws several types of fees. It should be better to open low cost bank account.

hiya @tak

what are the costs?


Details are shown on the bank’s web site, i.e. fees for card issue, maintenance, wire transfer, ATM abroad and domestic, credit card etc in addition to your costs of flight, accomodation, meal, transportation, etc.

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You can take Nigeria off the list as you would be discovered so fast and your account blocked with an invitation to come explain yourself to the two government bodies in charge of tax and fraud your head will spin (assuming you are not held at the bank).

P/S Nigeria is part of the CRS group, they share your info with your tax country and tax you on worldwide income.

Thanks for info

Have you considered Cambodia? can open remotely
you will need to get your passport and bank application forms notarised where you are and then send to a notary in Cambodia, who.will email your notary to confirm they notarised your documents.
Maybe they will accept you will have to ask the notary in Cambodia.

Search the forum finances for cambodia bank account I posted a guide how to do it and the notary I used.