Bank account

Hi, I’m Zorica and I am so happy to be here! I’m a freelancer and I’m planning to start living in Portugal. I find you cause I am looking for some information about banc account.
My favorite book is
Power of now by Eckhart Tolle.
My question is :
I 'm billing my services in US dollars so I’m interested Can I have my dollars paid into an account with a Portuguese bank and would the bank convert them into euros, what are the commissions, approximately? Many, many thanks🙂

I will recommend you to open an account in TransferWise, and make use of the USD borderless account, just make sure that when you make the account you are in one of these countries, if you are not in one of the listed countries, you better find some friend who can make the account for you and provide a US address so you can make you USD account, that way you can receive USD directly in your account, and from there you can transfer the money to an account from the country you are on, you can get more info here

I’m from Mexico and I work for a USA company and before I knew about TransferWise I used Paypal to receive my money, but the exchange rate was awful, and now you can’t have the money sitting with them for more than a day, they transfer it automatically every night, that’s why I decided to look for a better option.

If you find this information useful and you are going to make an account, please use this coupon code , so you receive the first transfer for free, and I may get some promotion too.

I hope this helps you Zorica.

See you around.