Best Choice for transfering money from USA to Portugal ..?

Hello. What is you vote at different price points for money transfer? Wise, OFX, Schwab? Thank you.

I am based in the UK but have had a “wise” account for over a year now (used to be called transferwise) .Found it really simple and effective to use, and the costs are very competitive. Easy to do transfers in and out, paying people all over the world is easy, and I like the fact I can hold balances in more than one currency - I have a £sterling balance, $US, and a Euro one - once you have paid the initial switch cost to the other balance - which is reasonable - really simple then to pay people etc - in the relevant part of the world - also debit card handy too :smiley_cat:


I’ve found Schwab to be the best choice unless the amount is small. They have a good exchange rate and charge a $15 transfer fee. They are also explicit about the time it takes. They wait 2 days for the exchange to settle before starting the transfer. Of course, I already had a Schwab account so this was easy for me.

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Thank you for your inputs

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If you think in Wise think again. The app is cool, easy, etc. But they can close your account without any notice just because they believe you are in “something weird”. Then 90 working days to transfer the remaining funds to other account.
I’m still waiting, my business is completely legal (IT consultor), I just received money from a client there, pay to two contractors and use it for Binance p2p.

My advice is to stay away from Wise.

I have had very good luck with OFX in transferring funds from the United States. They use a domestic US bank in New York to accept the transfer from your US bank with no or minimal charge and then you are just paying the small currency markup to them for the transfer to your Portugues bank. Easy web function and have been in business for a long time with good reputation.