Bank in Ireland or EEA for depositing GBP


(Blonde) #1


I have some Sterling (GBP) cash and want to deposit to Ireland (or EEA) bank that Sterling (GBP) cash lodgement in Euro(or fee free GBP) account has no foreign currency lodgement fee and MasterCard rate applying to money conversation rate(from GBP to EUR)?

Assume e.g. 50K GBP cash and depositing to a Ireland bank that has no foregn currency cash lodgement fee and rate of conversation should be near to MasterCard exchange rate(far one of the best exchange rate). What’s the solution? which bank? whats the rate and fee?


(Daniil Alexander) #2

Random question: do many people use the term “lodgement fee”? Is it like a deposit fee?

As far as your post is concerned @Blonde I no understand what you tryna ask Im sorry :man_shrugging:

(Blonde) #3

Hiya @daniil.alexander

Above post means: I want to deposit GBP cash money to Irish bank account in EUR, looking for lowest deposit fee and conversion fee in Ireland banks.

(jak johnson) #4

Are you wanting to deposit physical cash ? ,or an online transaction ,

(Blonde) #5

Hiya @jakuk

Its physical cash