Converting GBP/Sterling to EUR in mastercard rate?


How can I convert the GBP/Sterling to EUR in MasterCard rate without commission? Are there any Credit/Debit cards that let me take out EUR in Europe on ATM/Banks-counter while I deposit my money in GBP/Sterling to that card/account in the UK? About 5000EUR a day?
e.g. My money is in GBP/Sterling, looking to take out EUR in Europe, about 5000EUR a day. What banks offering Debit/Credit cards that allow me to take this EUR out in Europe, on ATM over the bank counter?

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I found the best rates to convert money is to get a credit card where they only charge 1% for foreign currency purchases. (Forget cash advances.) When you convert currency, people will charge you something. (Do you know anyone who works for free?)

Probably you’re best bet is to open a European bank account and use something like Transferwise.

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Thanks, @charmerc Converting on mastercard rate will not mean the bank work for free. I believe the mastercard rate, when I recieve the conversion rate, is a retail rate and bank will get the interbank rate from mastercard, when they have agreements. Thus they will makeing some money. Also, we should know that banks will trade on our money and will charge us a huge fee for keeping our money. I’m happy to open a bank business myself and both side, offering service for a fee and keeping money while can be trade and invest on bank money, is a win and profit for them.

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N26 premium plans offer such possibility.

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Thanks @batman

I checked N26 have a number of accounts, but I’m not sure which one mean premium?

And the highest one N26-Metal, as below:

  • Free ATM withdrawals in euros
  • Free payments in any currency
  • Free withdrawals worldwide
  • Allianz insurance package
  • Selected discounts and offers from partner brands
  • Exclusive access to unique Metal Experiences
  • Dedicated Customer Support

But there is not mentioned about conversion rate would be near to MasterCard rate or what is the conversion rate?


It is the Mastercard rate.

That’s for purchases. For withdrawals in the free tier they charge 1.7%.

Thanks, @spc What if I convert by transferring few thousands Sterling to Euro internally every month, from N26 Sterling to N26 Euro account if they offer multi-currency accounts? Does N26 or Revolut offer any multi-currency, GBP and EUR accounts for Europe residents?


Any transfer that requires conversion will not be executed by N26 directly, but by Transferwise, their partner. Charges range between 0.3% up to 1%. N26 basically doesn’t deal with other currencies at all.

Revolut is deep into multi-currencies (including some crypto). It’s their main advantage. They allow up to 5K EUR worth of interbank-rate~ conversions per month in the free tier (unlimited when upgrading). It’s a pretty good deal as long as you make sure to never convert over the weekend (added charges) and avoid so-called “illiquid” currencies (more added charges).

With Revolut at ATM you can withdraw max 600 eur for free with Metal plan, after it is 2 prc markup. N26 plans You and Metal offers free 5 withdraws. In some ATMs you can withdraw 2500 eur at once without extra conversation markup (MasterCard rate). For withdrawals better N26, for multi currency operations - Revolut. So open both.